Looking to secure the payment of an invoice?

Secure payment for your orders and sales directly with your trading partners using Tulyp’s centralized accounts.

With our post-document payment validation system, you and your counterparty are protected.

How our protection wallets work

1- Create a deal via your Tulyp space.

Provide the details of the transaction and the shipment of the goods. These elements will be sent to your counterparty for confirmation.

2. Confirmation of your counterparty.

Once you have created the deal, your counterparty will receive an email request. They will need to log in (without creating a Tulyp account) and confirm the deal information.

3. The buyer transfers the invoice amount to the wallet dedicated to the transaction.

The buyer transfers the invoice amount to the account dedicated to the transaction. The seller will be notified of the arrival of the funds. Tulyp will block the amount until receiving the proof of purchase of the goods.

4. The seller provides proof of shipment of the goods

The seller uploads on the Tulyp space, the documents related to the transport of the goods in order to release the payment.

5. Tulyp checks the routing documents

Our experts will verify within 48 hours the veracity of the documents provided by the seller. Once the documents are validated, both the buyer and the seller will be notified of the release of the payment.

6. Release of payment

Once the documents are verified, the payment will be released and the seller will receive the funds within 48-72 hours. (depending on the seller’s geographical area.

How do we protect your funds?

A regulated payment partner

Your money is handled safely by an institution licensed and regulated by the European Monetary Authority.

Our clients' funds are segregated

In the event of a lawsuit against Tulyp your funds are protected from such proceedings. All of our clients' funds are held in accounts in their names in our regulated in the ecosystem of our regulated partner.

Funds deposited with approved banks

In accordance with regulatory requirements, all client funds are held in a licensed bank.

Secure your operations simply with Tulyp.

Track the transaction and your money in real time.

Access to a financing service. (up to 120 days)

Transparent fees, with no hidden costs.


Letter of credit

Wire transfer

Law firms

Digitally accessible service

Protects against fraud

Protection against cancellation of shipments

Service available to all SMEs

Easy to modify (free of charge) and track

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