The CPT Incoterm is a multimodal Incoterm, it concerns all types of goods transport: sea, land, air and rail.

What is the Incoterm Carriage Paid To?

When an international sale is based on the Incoterm CPT, the costs and risks are borne by the seller until the first carrier. The transfer of risk takes place when the goods are handed over to the first carrier. The buyer, however, has to bear the costs of transport when the goods arrive at their destination.

The Incoterm CPT is a so-called general Incoterm and is particularly similar to the Incoterm FCA. It will thus be necessary to apply similar precautions and to specify in addition the share of the charges of unloading as well as the expenses of parking.

The obligations of the seller and the buyer with the Incoterm FOB ?

The obligations of the seller :

  • Prepare the goods to be exported: pack, label and mark.
  • To load the goods on board the main means of transport and to transport the goods from the warehouse to the shipping terminal.
  • Pay and complete export and customs clearance duties and taxes on the goods.
  • Organize the main transport from the shipping terminal to the landing place.

Buyer’s obligations:

  • Unload the goods from the main transport.
  • To pay and complete the import duties and taxes as well as the customs clearance of the goods.
  • To ensure the transport of the goods from the destination terminal to the final destination.

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