The DAP Incoterm is a multimodal Incoterm. The multimodal Incoterms are Incoterms covering several means of transport, unlike the maritime Incoterms. It joins the 6 other multimodal Incoterm: EXW – Ex Work , FCA – Free Carrier, CPT – Carriage Paid To, CIP – Carriage Insurance Paid to, DAP – Delivered At Place, DPU – Delivered At Place Unloaded, DPP – Delivered Duty Paid.

What is the Incoterm Delivered At Place?

The Incoterm DAP means “Delivered at Place of Destination”. The seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the place of delivery. The risks and costs related to the transport are the responsibility of the seller. This is one of the Incoterms which most covers buyers in the case of an international transaction.

The transfer of responsibility will take place when the goods are made available to the buyer without being unloaded in the destination country.

The obligations of the seller and the buyer with the DAP Incoterm?

Obligations of the seller :

  • To prepare and load the goods from the warehouse to the departure terminal.
  • To route the goods to the main means of transport.
  • To pay the costs of transport to the country of destination.
  • Customs clearance and payment of duties and taxes related to the export of the goods.

The buyer’s obligations:

  • To carry out the procedure of customs clearance as well as to discharge the rights and taxes which relate to the importation of the goods.
  • To pay the costs and to arrange the transportation from the destination terminal to the arrival point of the goods.
  • Transporting the goods to the destination terminal.

The DAP Incoterm is therefore an Incoterm that places the responsibility on the seller during the major part of the transport of the goods. The buyer is responsible for the last part of the transport. The DAP Incoterm is therefore one of the most favorable multimodal Incoterm for buyers.

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