When exporting or importing goods, it is important to be aware of the customs and freight procedures to be followed.

For all international trade transactions, there are documents that must be provided to facilitate the clearance of the goods at the port of departure and at the port of arrival. Depending on the method of transportation used, the documents may vary, but certain documents remain standard for every international transaction.

Here is a list of standard documents to be presented for a smooth transport:

Commercial documents :

  • Commercial transport invoice: this document is important because it contains obligatory information for the transport: descriptions of the loaded goods, the price of the cargo, and the value of the loaded goods.
  • The packing list: this export document is very important for export clearance. It contains the information related to the goods during the export clearance: size, gross & net weight of the goods and number of units present. This exhaustive list of information is important for the export clearance but also for the importer because it is him who will pay the penalties in case of false or incomplete information.
  • Certificate of origin: It is a customs document that certifies the origin of a good, more precisely, its country of manufacture. It is issued and authenticated by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry: they verify the information filled in and impose a conformity visa.

Shipping documents :

  • Bill of Lading: The Bill of Lading also called the Airway bill for air transport, Rail waybill for air transport, and Roadway bill for road transport, are important documents for the importer or exporter in an international transaction.These documents are issued by the carrier designated for the transportation of the goods, they specify that the goods have been loaded by the carrier and are on their way to the buyer.

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