Ensure the payment of your commercial sales.

Get paid when your products are shipped and let your customers pay us back later.

Connect your credit insurance via API directly in your Tulyp space

Access information and score your customers and prospects directly from Tulyp.

Access the credit line granted by the insurer from your Tulyp space.

Release the payment of your invoice upon proof of shipment.

Covered insurances

Offer your international customers payment terms without taking risks

Our network of partner insurers

We work with various insurers to protect you against credit risk when you offer payment terms to your international customers.

Ensure the payment of your sales.

In just a few clicks, offer your customers a payment term while being protected against non-payment via one of our partner insurance companies.

Receive payment upon shipment of goods

Receive payment of your invoice upon receipt of proof of shipment. This cash advance will be reimbursed by your customer on the date previously agreed upon.

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