Do you have financing needs?

Are you looking to finance part of your purchasing or sales activity in order to control your cash flow on your international flows?

Whether you are an importer or an exporter, reduce your working capital requirements through our network of partners.

Access the right financing for your company's growth.

Whether you’re looking to grow, evolve or simply sustain your company, you deserve to have access to the kind of financing options that larger companies benefits.

No long forms to fill out.

Eligible by default, finance your operations immediately and without administrative charges.

Manage your repayment schedule.

Set the repayment schedule from 30 to 120 days. You choose what works best for your business cycle.

Adapted financing strategy.

We help you develop the right invoice financing strategy to improve your balance sheet and cash flow at the end of the year.

Funds available in 48 hours.

The amount loaned to your company will be available in the account for the transaction within 48 hours. Ready to be sent to your supplier.

Our financing partners

Build the right financing strategy

1. We are here to help you build the right strategy

Our team of experts is here to assist you in developing your financing strategy to meet the exact needs of your business.

2. A network of European and Asian partners

In order to find the right offer for you, we will search for the right partner in our network to meet your needs.

3. Access your credit lines directly from Tulyp.

Once the line of credit is granted you will be able to access the funds directly from Tulyp to pay your suppliers or collect your customer invoices.

Estimate the financing capacity of your business

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