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How to import goods from France?

Whether you are a seasoned importer or a novice, it is often difficult to know what standards to follow when importing goods from a country outside the European Union. Before embarking on this adventure, it is important to understand that importing and exporting is a profession in its own right and often very administrative. It […]

How to improve your cash flow when importing goods.

For every company, cashflow is a crucial aspect in order to sustain its activity. In business cash is king specialy right now. There are many reasons to improve your cashflow. It could be for an investment, to establish a security mattress or simply to have peace of mind without having to run after ways to […]

Invoice financing

Cash is king in business, that is why working capital is one of the most trending subjects right now. They are multiple ways for companies to finance their needs from long-term debt, revenue-based financing, or short terms loans, the financial market offers various instruments for businesses to find the right financing tools. One of the […]

Escrow accounts

Using an escrow account is nothing new in most industries. Often used in real estate or in consumer-to-consumer transactions, escrow accounts are used to offset the counterparty risk for both buyers & sellers. What is an escrow account? Escrow is a legal concept describing a financial agreement between a buyer and a seller where a […]

Letter of credit overview

What is a letter of credit? The letter of credit is one of the most widely used means of BtoB payment in the world of international trade. It is a bank financial guarantee that allows the exporter to know that he will be paid on the condition that he sends the goods. For the importer, […]

Overview of the Bill of Lading

What is a Bill of Lading? The Bill of Lading is a key document for all international transactions carried out by sea. Also called B/L, the Bill of Lading is a document issued by the shipping company that is in charge of the transportation of the goods. This document is important for the importer and […]

What are the important documents for import / export?

When exporting or importing goods, it is important to be aware of the customs and freight procedures to be followed. For all international trade transactions, there are documents that must be provided to facilitate the clearance of the goods at the port of departure and at the port of arrival. Depending on the method of […]

Incoterm DAP – Delivered At Place in details

The DAP Incoterm is a multimodal Incoterm. The multimodal Incoterms are Incoterms covering several means of transport, unlike the maritime Incoterms. It joins the 6 other multimodal Incoterm: EXW – Ex Work , FCA – Free Carrier, CPT – Carriage Paid To, CIP – Carriage Insurance Paid to, DAP – Delivered At Place, DPU – […]

Incoterm CPT – Carriage Paid To in details

The CPT Incoterm is a multimodal Incoterm, it concerns all types of goods transport: sea, land, air and rail. What is the Incoterm Carriage Paid To? When an international sale is based on the Incoterm CPT, the costs and risks are borne by the seller until the first carrier. The transfer of risk takes place […]

Incoterm FCA – Free Carrier in details

The FCA Incoterm is a multimodal Incoterm. It is part of the “F” family of Incoterms, a group distinguished by the limitation of the exporter’s obligations to the receipt of the goods by the carrier. This group is often chosen by sellers because it greatly limits the risk they will bear in international transactions. What […]